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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Clothes Buying Guide for Dads

Looking after young child involves managing a variety of tasks; one of the more pleasurable among these is buying baby clothes. However, shopping for children's clothes requires careful thought. While selecting baby clothes, always check whether they are:
• Functional: Obviously, looks will play a big role in the baby clothes you pick up. However, always keep practicalities in mind too. Select baby clothes that are easy to put on and take off. This is especially important in young children who will require frequent diaper changing. As a dad, beware of pants and outfits that require a lot of snaps and buttons. Moms have patience for these added nuisances. Dads will often just leave them undone because no one will notice anyway.
• Comfortable: Numerous fashionable accessories may make your child look adorable. However, in the wrong places, they may be uncomfortable, and could even hurt your child. While picking up baby clothes consider how buttons, ribbons, and other attachments might irritate your baby and avoid buying these.
• Weather-appropriate: Keep seasonal conditions in mind while buying your baby's clothes. There is no point smothering your baby in woolens during hot weather, or buying skimpy dresses for winter wear. In areas with wide variations in temperature, moms spend a lot of time organizing baby clothes inventory around the growth of the baby and the approaching season.
• Alterable: Young children outgrow their clothes very quickly. This means that you may have to routinely discard perfectly good baby clothes that have hardly been worn. Instead, it may be better to buy baby clothes that are a little bigger, or can be easily altered, so that they can last your child a little longer. This is a practical solution and will save your time, effort, and money.
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Looking For Discount Baby Clothes?

The joy of having a newborn baby can be immense but one area which parents fails to account for is budgeting for their baby. Babies can be costly and often create a financial struggle for some families.
Perhaps one of the largest expenses for parents is buying baby clothes. Unlike shopping for clothing for men and women, baby clothes shopping can be trickier because they grow at a fast rate. This means that new baby outfits will need to be bought frequently as they will grow out of existing ones quickly.
One solution to this problem is to buy discount baby clothes. There are lots of places to buy discount baby clothes is on the internet and using websites parents can compare thousands of baby clothing items quickly and efficiently.
Unknown to many, buying discount baby clothes does not mean sacrificing on quality. In fact, even designer baby clothes can be discount baby clothing because they are available at a lower price than anywhere else.
Shopping for discount baby clothing can be fun and enjoyable. There are often many styles and designs to choose from including organic cotton, embroidered and themed styles such as football and baseball teams like the New York Yankees baby outfits.
As long as the discount baby clothing is safe and comfortable to wear, you be sure that you have a bargain and will save money in the long term. Due to this, baby clothes made from soft materials such as cotton as popular because of these two reasons.
Looking for discount baby clothes? Compare thousands of baby clothes at and make your baby smile.
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Baby Clothes: 7 Money Saving Shopping Tips for New Parents

Perhaps the biggest problem with baby clothes is that they don't last. Not because they wear out, but because your baby quickly out grows them.
It's important to plan your baby clothes shopping around the growth of your baby. If you don't, you could be wasting money.
Keep in mind these seven tips while you plan your baby clothes shopping:
1. Wear a Larger Size
People say babies grow fast, and they're right about that. You'll be wasting money if you buy perfect fitting clothes because they'll soon be too small. Buying a larger size will extend the amount of time your baby can wear them.
2. Make a Weather Prediction
Stop and think for a moment about clothes labels that state size in terms of a baby's age, such as 12 or 18 months. Then ask this question: "When my baby is X months old, what will the weather or temperature be like?" Get the answer to this question correct and you'll buy clothes that not only fit, but also will be appropriate for the season.
3. Find Easy To Put On Outfits
Sometimes you'll struggle to dress your baby into an outfit you want him to wear. Outfits that come in several pieces, button from behind or pull over the head may require more of your patience and time. Outfits that come in one piece, open in the front, have zippers, or snap buttons should be easier to deal with.
4. Have Enough for Emergencies
Food can drop on your baby's clothes while you're feeding him. If your baby becomes sick, he might throw-up on his outfit. When a messy accident occurs, you'll need a clean set of clothes ready for your baby to wear.
5. Save at The Clearance Racks
You can save a bundle at the clearance racks. Almost every type of store has these. In addition, if you wait for a big sale you can save even more. Some stores will also markdown the clearance item further at the cash register.
6. Accept Hand Me Downs
Your family and friends may want to give you their children's baby clothes. They may have new clothes that their baby didn't have a chance to wear. If you decide to accept what they are willing to give, you'll save yourself some money, especially if they have clothing you would have bought.
7. Exchange Old Clothes for Cash
Sell the clothes your baby no longer fits into on eBay. eBay is just an example. There are many other ways to trade your old clothes for cash. You may not make as much as you had originally paid for them, however, you'll at least earn some of your money back.
If getting the most use out of the clothes you buy for your child is important to you, then the seven tips in this article should help you accomplish this. Take these ideas with you the next time you go baby clothes shopping. You'll feel good about the clothes you buy for your baby and the money you're going to save.
Wanda Lam, a working mom, will show you how to save as much as 80% on name brand children clothes, shoes, accessories and more. Visit Baby Clothes to discover the bargains just waiting for new parents like you.
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What Are the Right Baby Clothes

When you are expecting a new baby boy you want to be sure you have everything you need. Usually you will wait until after the baby shower and all of the gifts have come in before you know what you really need to buy. Most often it is impractical boy clothing you receive the most of.
Baby showers are a lot of fun because your friends and family shower you with gifts for your new baby. The gifts for boys usually include cool baby clothes. Sometimes the cool clothes are a lot of fun but they aren't too practical for a newborn baby. Unless the outfits are for your newborn to grow into when he is around six months old the cool and stylish boy clothing might not ever be worn by your baby.
In addition to the boy clothes you will receive at your baby shower you should also expect a lot of blankets. If you have the opportunity to create a list of items you want then you should. Your list shout include bottles, a baby bath tub, baby shampoo, body wash, lotion, powder, oil, a hair brush, and more. Many gifts for boys can include socks, t-shirts, pajamas, and outfits that are practical.
When you receive gifts for boys many of the items may not be practical. This is because most people who don't already have kids don't know what you will need. If this is your first baby you also might not know what is practical. Your baby is going to sleep the majority of the time for the first month or too. Cool baby clothes are fun but not top priority.
You want to be sure to stock up on newborn diapers, wipes, pajamas, t-shirts, bottles, pacifiers, and blankets. You can never have enough blankets and burp rags. If the delivery of your baby is rough, you won't be up and around doing laundry right away so you want to have plenty to use before you have to be up and about.
Boy clothing is a lot of fun to receive at your baby shower but sometimes it is not the most practical items for your baby. If you have the opportunity to make a list of the things you want to receive at your shower, you should. This will ensure the gifts are practical. You might even think about creating a registry for your guests.
Visit Trendy Remedy's site for information and specials on Cool Baby Boy Clothes and Hip Baby Boy Gifts today.
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Shopping For Baby Clothing - Advice For Parents

It generally is the case that parents actually have to buy precious few of the clothes needed for their newborn offspring, as doting family and friends will be only too eager to donate gifts. The problem is usually when the child has grown out of the initial stage and becomes an accepted part of the family. At this point three things happen. The baby grows at a rate of knots which seems impossible to keep up with in clothing sizes, family and friends lose the need to donate clothing every time they see you, and the realisation dawns that you no longer have any spare disposable income.
So whether it is accepting donations and gifts, or going out to buy clothes yourself, what should you be looking for that will be of greatest benefit and safety?
One of the most important factors to consider with any clothing for a child is safety - this must come first, and any clothing that you are in any doubt about should be left. Safety can be considered from two points of view. The first is the fire retardant nature of the material. This should be clearly displayed on the label, and if it isn't, then forget it. All sleepwear has to be flame retardant by law, and most day clothes are as well. The second aspect of safety has to do with tight elastic bands, cords or buttons. Babies and toddlers love cords, and these can easily become wound round anything they can reach - which is often just about limited to their own neck. Buttons will end up in the mouth being sucked and chewed, and unless they have been attached with steel wool that has been welded for extra safety, there is a high chance that the button will eventually pop off and dive straight down the child's throat. This is clearly a choking hazard, and even if it doesn't end up there, the child will almost certainly find somewhere else interesting for it such as their nose or ear. If the clothing has an elastic band, then this needs to be cut, because if the child is left unattended, such as at night, and they wiggle out of the clothing, it could end up trapped round their neck.
The next thing to think about is of course the baby's comfort. Cotton is the preferred material, and will be very soft and natural against your child's skin. The one issue with cotton though is that it will tend to shrink once it has been washed a few times, and so it is always best to buy cotton outfits too big. Some clothes are made from a cotton and polyester mix, and although these aren't quite as soft, they don't tend to shrink and retain their look better.
Of course, when you're out shopping for clothes you'll probably be thinking about price too, and one way to help with this is to visit charity shops and other locations for second hand clothes. I bought almost all of my child's clothing from online auction sites, and saved a fortune whilst accumulating an enviable wardrobe of outfits. Remember, children grow out of their clothes so quickly when they're only very young that almost all second hand clothes for young babies and toddlers is in brand new condition - they haven't had time to wear out. For this reason, it makes good sense to consider this option, and to pass on the clothes again once you have finished with them.
Apart from security, comfort and cost, the other factor to think about before you get distracted by style is accessibility. Some outfits are adorable - but how easy will they be to get off when you need to change a dirty nappy in a hurry? Look for snap shut crotch areas which use poppers or Velcro - you'll be grateful you did!
Victor Epand is an expert consultant about luggage, cruises, hotels, and shopping. You will find the best marketplace for luggage, cruises, hotels, and shopping at these sites for bags, luggage, hotels, cruise, and shopping, clothes, children.
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The Newest Trends in Baby Clothes

This year has brought lots of new trends when it comes to children's fashion. It's all about individuality and allowing your little one's personality shine through. Monogrammed clothing has become a huge hit, whether it's monogrammed appliqued dresses and shortalls, or t-shirts and onesies, parents are flashing their newest addition's initials everywhere. Not surprisingly, this trend has even crossed over to items such as diaper bags, wipes cases, baby caps, bibs, and burp cloths.
Another new trend for this year has been tees and onesies with popular, hip sayings such as "Ladies Man," "Lock up your Daughters," "Fashionista," and "Lil Diva." Many of these items have the rugged look, appearing to be "homemade" for a chic effect. In addition, these items are also being paired with matching shoes, diaper bags, and wipes cases to complete the entire package.
This year, baby can not have too much bling. Sparkles are being added to almost everything. From bibs, to onesies, from tees to shoes, rhinestones are making your little hipster fabulous!! A great new trend that has recently become popular is the pacifier clip. This cool gadget attaches to baby's pacifier and keeps it from touching the ground. Although these clips can come in many different shapes and sizes, the hottest style is one completely dripping in bling! It's never to early to let baby shine!!
Baby legs have also become popular this year. Presenting themselves in various patterns and colors, these legs provide warmth while keeping baby looking cool.
With all the newest fashions, it's so unfortunate that babies grow up so quickly.
This article is written by Rebecca Rolston, owner of the online children's boutique, One Spoiled Baby.
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Buying Baby Clothes - 5 Great Tips on Buying Baby Clothes Online

Buying tiny and adorable clothes for your baby is one of the best things you can do for your baby. Take a look at the 5 tips below before buying the clothes for your newborn baby.
1) Buy Newborn Clothes Slightly Larger In Sizes Babies grow very fast in the first few weeks of life. Almost all babies can only fit into newborn size clothing for only a short period of time while some don't even fit into newborn sizes at all. If you are buying baby clothes for your baby, it's a wise choice to get a larger size if possible. You can also keep the size tag of the baby clothes to track the size of the clothes and increase from there. 2) How To Wear Baby Clothes Does Matters If you are not using diapers for your baby maybe you want to buy baby clothes that has a full snap opening at the bottom or a zipper at the front. If the clothes is going to be pulled over the baby's head, be very sure to get baby clothes that have a soft neck opening so you don't have to force it over the baby's head. 3) Easy Cleaning of Baby Clothes is Important Baby clothes that can't be hand-washed or dried clean by machine require way too much effort for most new parents. Be sure to check out the labels on the clothes when you consider for your newborn. There are a lots hand-wash and dry-clean baby clothes on the market today than you would have guessed! 4) Baby's Comfort is Key Snaps, zippers and elastics can be of discomfort for your baby if they are in the wrong spot or are tight against baby's skin. It also poses a danger of getting scratched by the zippers too. It's alright to have zippers only if it has a layer of fabric between your baby's skin and the zipper. Make sure elastic is covered and check snaps for rough edges that might be scratching against the skin. 5) Layering Baby Clothes Works Babies usually need one more additional layer of clothing to protect them from cold, unless it's hot. Therefore do remember to choose clothes that allow you flexibility to easily add or remove the layers to keep baby warm and comfortable. If you live in a place that is cold, consider buying baby clothes with this flexibility.
Choosing the right baby clothes is an art which every greatest mum will need to learn along the way. All mothers want to give their baby the best! More baby clothes reviews here.
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Buying Baby Clothes on a Budget

If your spouse is pregnant, this is the best time to start making a list of all the items your new baby will need. On top of the list is, of course, clothes for your baby. Here are some tips on getting good deals on baby clothes.
Tip 1: Hand-me-downs
Babies grow extremely fast and tend to outgrow their clothes in no time. If a close relative or friend has a child only slightly older than yours and has some baby clothes to pass on, go ahead and accept them. In all likelihood, the clothes have only been used a couple of times and will be as good as new. The best part of hand-me-downs? They don't cost a cent.
Tip 2: Unused baby shower gifts
Baby clothes are a common gift given at baby showers. Often, women receive more clothes than their baby will ever use, which are either given away or sold cheap. The best way to spot these baby clothes is to scout around yard sales and look for clothing with the tags still attached.
Tip 3: End of season sales
Buying baby clothes during season-ending sales is a great way to save money on baby clothes, especially if you are partial to branded clothes. The key here is to plan your shopping well in advance. For example, if your spouse is due in summer, you can purchase winter clothes from newborn to 6 months during the previous winter end sale.
Tip 4: Reuse old clothes.
Since your baby is growing really fast, use your creativity and reuse old clothes to make new ones. For example, if your baby has outgrown his or her trousers, cut them to make shorts. Jackets whose sleeves are too short can become waistcoats if you cut the sleeves off.
Looking after young child involves managing a variety of tasks; one of the more pleasurable among these is buying baby clothes. However, shopping for children's clothes requires careful thought. Find out more tips while selecting baby clothes.
Paul Banas is a founder of He writes articles on pregnancy care, baby names, toilet training, parenting tips and many more topics related to dads.
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Where to Find Cheap Baby Clothes?

Buying cheap baby clothes is a much needed necessity for parents and luckily there are lots of different types of styles and designs to choose from for baby boys and baby girls.
Many department stores such as Macy's and Old Navy have a baby wear range, however with a growing baby, it is likely that you have to have make repeat visits which can be time consuming and also expensive in the long term.
This is why most people choose to buy baby clothes online. Through buying online, you are more likely to find cheap baby clothes because you can compare lots of baby items at one time to ensure that you get the best deal available.
There are many sites online that specialize in cheap baby clothes. Before making a purchase, parents must be careful of the clothing they buy for a newborn. Some factors to keep in mind are safety and comfort.
It is very important that the baby clothing is safe for wear. Some babies have sensitive skin and can develop skin conditions through coming into contact with harmful toxins used in dyes from commercial manufacturers. Comfort is also important. The clothing must not feel restrictive to the baby because this can cause irritation.
As a solution to both of these problems, it is important to buy baby clothes which is soft which is why organic baby cotton clothes are recommended. Organic cotton baby clothes are extremely soft and also do not contain harmful toxins. Most organic cotton baby clothes are handmade and high quality.
Looking for cheap baby clothes? Lots to choose from including organic cotton baby clothes at
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Creative Baby Gift Baskets

Like many friends of a mother to be, you are now looking around for that perfect baby shower gift. You don't want to be the person who ends up giving the duplicate gift. While baby gift registries usually provide a full proof plan, that prevents the expectant parent from receiving duplicates. Some people may prefer to find something in their own, rather than using the gift registry set at any one particular store. For these people, baby gift shower baskets may be the right gift to give. Whether you are on a limited budget, or have a bountiful budget for purchasing an infant gift. You can always count on finding a gift basket within your price range.
Much like any other infant item, baby gift baskets come in a wide variety for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a more necessities geared basket, or something more playful; you can almost count on finding the right purchase for you. Some retailers may focus on items such as book gift baskets, little red wagons that hold infant safety items, even clothing sets for the newborn the parents are expecting.
If you would rather choose items that can not only be used by the infant, but the parents as well. You may wish to select a gift basket that keeps both the parent and child in mind. Some retailers are now offering gift baskets with clothing, safety items, as well as delectable treats for the mother to be. Some of the most popular items being booties, onesies, and even tasty cookies for mom can be found in the form of an infant gift basket.
While we have covered the contents, it may also be important to you; how the gift basket is wrapped. This too can become a challenging task, as many retailers offer several baskets, wagons, buckets, and even vases for you to choose from. Some of the cutest gift baskets I have seen, have had the toys and other items carefully placed within an adorable diaper bag. Not only does the diaper bag make a wonderful gift basket by design, but has a functional purpose far past a regular woven basket.
During the time you spend sifting through the countless gift baskets, that are available to you. Remember, you should always keep the expectant parent's wants and needs in mind. Generally speaking, if you are a close friend or family member of the mother to be; it would be easier to find a gift basket that she would be sure to appreciate. However, co-workers and occasional acquaintances may not have the benefit of knowing the mother that well. For this reason, you should try to contact whomever is taking on the role of host or hostess for the baby shower party. They should have the information on hand, that will help you select the perfect gift basket for your purchase.
Shopping for baby apparel and toddler shirts? The baby clothing industry today is vast and caters to every taste. Add style to your baby with a designer t-shirt, a rock onesie or a funky diaper bag. We carry black baby clothes, baby hats, cool maternity clothes, baby onesies and new baby gift baskets. Find the perfect baby shower gift or a unique onesie.
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Funny Baby Clothes

If adults are allowed to have an attitude and flaunt it through their clothes, can babies be far behind? Today’s trendy parents want trendier babies dressed in clothes that make a statement. And humor is an essential part of what is cool, hip and in.
There is a whole industry that caters to funny baby clothes. There is, however, nothing funny about the garments themselves -- they have to be comfortable, functional and skin-friendly, as per the standards. It is the writing on the wall – in this case, the clothes – that makes them funny!
Visualize a baby boy wearing a perfectly ordinary top carrying a message, ""If I can reach it, I can wreck it."" Or think of a pretty little girl blinking innocently, while her tee shirt announces, “I cry only when cuddled by ugly grown-ups.” A baby being fed lovingly by its mother might carry the warning, “I spill at will” on its bib. Now, that is funny!
The craze for funny baby clothes has spawned an entire clothing segment that deals specifically with emblazoning baby clothes and baby accessories like bibs, caps and hats with funny messages. It does not matter that the babies themselves may be too young to read the deadly one-liners – what does matter is that a funny style statement has been made.
Fortunately, it is not too difficult to look for clothes with an attitude – unlike designer baby clothes, they are easily available, and, as many parents believe, much more chic and affordable.
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby Clothing Stores

Baby clothing stores are stores which specialize in selling clothes for babies. Sometimes these stores are grouped in with general clothing stores for all ages, but sometimes you can find a specialty shop. There is a veritable boom in baby clothing stores nowadays. Apart from brick and mortar stores, the innumerable on-line stores have made shopping for baby clothes that much simpler. One can buy the best outfits at the click of a key.

In some cases, well known children’s clothiers maintain both physical baby clothes stores and on-line stores as well. For instance, renowned baby clothes specialist, Osh Kosh B`Gosh, has ventured into an on-line store where you can purchase an assortment of OshKosh clothing and accessories for infants and babies.

Other notable on-line stores include Kids & Color that sells everything from dresses, sweaters, hats, leggings, rompers and bibs. Prairie Cottons, offers handmade clothing and accessories for babies, and Baby Gassy Gooma, caters to both baby boys and girls with darling outfits. Baby Bazaar is a popular site offering various items for babies at very affordable prices.

Apart from on-line stores, a number of baby clothes stores including well-known ones like Granny-Made, Trash and Vaudeville, Calypso, Urban Monster, Daffy's—Midtown Clothing, Macy's Clothing, Sam & Seb, Saks Fifth Avenue, Old Navy and many more can be found in most communities.

Ultimately, it does not matter where one buys clothes for babies or how much they cost. The more important thing is that the clothes should reflect the baby’s temperament and should be safe, comfortable and skin-friendly. A well-dressed baby is a happy baby.

Baby Clothes provides detailed information on Baby Clothes, Designer Baby Clothes, Baby Clothing Stores, Funny Baby Clothes and more. Baby Clothes is affiliated with Baby Name Meanings.

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Designer Baby Clothes

The kind of clothes a baby wears largely depends upon affordability and the personality of the parents. While all parents like their babies to be smartly -dressed, there are those who want to go the extra mile.

Indulging babies in designer outfits is fairly common among celebrity parents and those who can afford it. The designer baby clothing industry is well-established, with top designers churning out lots of fabulous designer outfits for infants and toddlers. And, even though children outgrow clothing quickly, designer baby clothes grow more popular as each year passes. Parents go crazy buying designer body suits, bibs, booties and bonnets and pay ten times more than they would if they went to a regular baby or department clothing store.

Some of the best-known baby designers include Baby Dior, Baby Phat and Anne Geddes. Baby Dior offers cotton body suits complete with its signature teddy bear logo. The Dior collection can be found online at The Baby Phat line is a creation of rapper Russell Simmons. Baby Phat has styles specifically for teenage girls down to infancy. Their most popular line is the Baby Phat tee shirt that sells for approximately $15.

Although Anne Geddes is most noted for her famous photographs to match her ladybug babies. Her line offers all kinds of cute outfits including a ladybug jacket, a bunny suit and a rosebud quilt.

The next time you’re invited to a baby shower or a child’s birthday party, buy a designer gift for the little one. You’ll be the hit of the party for sure!

Baby Clothes provides detailed information on Baby Clothes, Designer Baby Clothes, Baby Clothing Stores, Funny Baby Clothes and more. Baby Clothes is affiliated with Baby Name Meanings.

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Baby Gift Shopping 101

Baby gifts are extremely fun to shop for. Whether you're shopping for yourself, a friend, or even an anonymous recipient set up for you via a baby gift swap or upcoming surprise party, there's nothing more exciting than picking out a few cherished items for mom-to-be and upcoming baby.
But don't let the excitement overwhelm you. While there are many wonderful baby gifts to choose from, there are some baby gifts that are better off remaining on the shelves, while others should be immediately tucked into shopping carts and baskets, and brought home to be packaged, wrapped and beribboned.

Let's start with some sensible baby gifts. Choosing practical items means picking items that are both wanted and needed. Large items like baby cribs, bassinets, high chairs, strollers and car seats are all wonderful baby gifts, even if they are rather expensive and bulky. Of course, make sure that the recipient wants and needs the particular large baby gift that you're thinking of purchasing.

Smaller baby gifts that are both practical and desired include clothing, diapers (be sure to check if the mother-to-be is going to be using disposable or cloth), feeding supplies (bottles for a formula feeding mother, shields, creams and pillows for a breastfeeding mother) and travel gear (visors for car windows, baby viewing mirrors to attach on rearview mirrors, shopping cart covers).

You can never go wrong with clothing as a choice for baby gifts. All babies need clothes! Boy clothes and girl clothes are available in abundance at all stores that carry children's clothing. You can find baby clothes bundled together in adorable gift sets, or you can take regular clothing items and wrap them together. Onesies, creepers and gowns make great baby gifts for newborns, while adorable little outfits and outerwear work well for older babies.

Toys are another good choice for baby gifts. Soft, plush toys that are made for a baby's small hands to grab onto are a wonderful choice. Stuffed animals, "lovey" blankets with tags and different texture, and attachments for car seats and strollers are made in a variety of styles, materials and priced affordably for anyone to purchase.

In the end, you're best sticking with "approved" baby gifts -- those listed on the pregnant woman's baby registry. If there isn't a registry present, you can choose a gift and make sure to send along a gift receipt, just in case. And if all else fails, purchase a gift card! Gift cards can be purchased for almost all stores, including Target, Wal-mart and Babies 'r Us. I don't know of a single mom who doesn't make use of a gift card!

Kimberly Green is a mother, a sister, an auntie and has several other fellow mothers in her life. She has purchased many a Baby Gifts and attended many a baby showers in her day. Baby Gifts are her favorite thing to shop for.

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Discover Top Quality Baby Products For Less With Online Resources

Whether you're expecting a baby soon or already have a little one, finding the baby products you need isn't always easy. You want products that are safe for your baby durable, and affordable. Here are some tips to help you find the baby products you need for less by buying online.

Shopping for Cribs

Your baby's crib is where he will be most of the time when not being held. The crib is where the baby will sleep and play until he's big enough to graduate to a toddler bed. So you can see why choosing a crib is one of the most important things you'll do to prepare for your new baby When buying a crib online, look for cribs that are easy to access for changing and safe on each side for when your baby starts to move or roll around.

The types of cribs available are standard with single drop or double drop sides, convertible (can be converted to a toddler bed later on), canopy, and round with a single drop side. The distance between each crib slat should be no more than 2 3/8 inches. The crib mattress should fit snugly with no extra room between the mattress and crib side. The drop sides should be at least 26 inches above the mattress, and when lowered should not be less than 9 inches above the mattress. Make sure a drop side locking mechanism is included. Also, shop for cribs that are free from peeling paint or rough edges and corners.

Shop for bargains, but don't sacrifice quality for baby products and cribs. Look for a crib retailer with special online offers on name brand cribs so you can get the best items at a low cost.

Choosing Baby Clothing

Look for baby garments that are cool and comfortable and weather-appropriate. Consider your baby's growth stages and don't overspend on clothes that he will grow out of soon. Also, choose baby clothes that are resistant to soiling and formula. Staining is a common problem with baby clothing and can be mostly avoided by choosing top quality fabrics and by using bibs during feedings. Also, choose pampers that are leak resistant. Cheaper brands tend to leak a lot and this can damage baby clothing quickly.

Babies tend to move around a lot while dressing, so choose baby clothes with popper buttons instead of regular buttons to make dressing your baby easier. Baby clothing should be easy to put on and take off, as you will be changing the baby frequently.

Look for baby clothing in packs and bundles to save money. Check out quantity sales online with one-piece outfits to get great bargains. You can buy a few "dressy" outfits for church and other outings, but stick with simple one-piece outfits while at home to save time and money. There are many babywear stores online that offer brand name baby clothing at a fraction of the cost of local department stores or specialty shops.

Other Baby Products for Online Shopping

There are some baby products that you might need to buy locally, but many items can be purchased online at a huge discount. Crib bedding sets, baby furniture for your nursery, baby's car seat, baby's stroller, a baby monitor, and baby toys can all be found online easily. You can also find items for feeding such as bottle sets and feeding seats online. Buying online is advantageous because you're able to pick and choose the colors and theme you want for your nursery without many limitations.

Some baby product websites offer things for older kids as well such as protective gates, baby bath and potty products, thermometers, booster seats, dressers, playpens, and other useful items. Be sure to look for online stores offering brand name baby products at affordable prices the next time you need to buy items for your baby or a baby shower gift for a loved one.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Tips for Baby Products Online or Majon's Baby Needs directory.

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Mom War Stories - Celebrity Baby Clothes & the All Pink Wardrobe

I admit it...I love looking at celebrity babies. I've never been much of a celebrity watcher, but the babies of celebrities are different. I'll always stop in the grocery aisles to take a peek at Suri or Shiloh.

I'm not the only one fascinated by the celebrity progeny. The tabloids are full of them because so many of us are interested. And I can't really explain why this is. Why do I feel curious about Angelina and Brad's children, but really don't care that much about Angelina and Brad?

For me, it's partially because children change so quickly - like my child has. The celebrities themselves don't alter that much, but their kids do. I'm also curious about which celebrity parent the child resembles. To me, Suri is a dead-ringer for her dad. For a mom from my daughter's dance class, however, Suri looks exactly like her mother. (We came to the conclusion that Tom and Katie look a lot alike and their daughter looks like both of them.)

Even the clothes worn by the celebrity children are captivating to some people. In fact, there's a popular website devoted to celebrity babies where you can buy some of the clothes worn by the celebrity kids and the gear their mothers use.

I can understand this. Moms like to dress up their kids and children of celebrities have some adorable clothes. Plus, you may actually be able to afford some of the clothes worn by the kids, even if the celebrity clothes are beyond your budget.

I would love to dress my daughter in these clothes too. My daughter, unfortunately, does not care about celebrities or their children, and has no interest in their clothing - no matter how cute those clothes may be. She has strict rules about her wardrobe from which she does not deviate.

Rule #1: It has to be a soft stretchy fabric. My daughter was 18 months old the last time she wore jeans. In addition to jeans, she won't wear corduroy, velvet, or anything else that isn't a soft knit. I gave in and accepted this rule after a particularly painful episode where I tried to force her to wear embroidered burgundy velvet pants that I loved. (She took them off and I put them back on her. She took them off, then threw them in the trash and I put them back on her. She peed in them, then I took them off and gave her soft stretchy pants to wear.) Score=Daughter: 1, Mom: 0

Rule #2: It has to be pink. The pink preference started around two for my daughter, but turned into a obsession by three. To my daughter, pink and purple are girl colors and everything else is for boys. Unfortunately, I had bought quite a few non-pink clothing for her one season before I understood her inflexibility on this rule. Almost all of the cute reds, oranges, blues, and yellows I bought were not worn, no matter how I cajoled, threatened, and reasoned. I traumatized her once by forcing her to wear one of the non-pink outfits to her pre-school. She insisted that all of her friends would laugh at her for wearing "boy clothes" - not understanding that no sane mother would put her son in a top with sequins and glitter. I stopped trying after this and bought only pink, with a smattering of purple. I have to say that it does make the laundry easier and I can always find something that matches. Score=Daughter: 2, Mom: 0

Rule #3: Black and brown are yucky. My daughter used to ask me over and over why I wore black all the time, at a complete loss why anyone would choose to wear such a color. She finally reached the vague conclusion that brown and black are "mommy colors," something you are condemned to wear when you have a baby. She won't even where her beloved pink if it's mixed in with a contaminating black or brown. She experienced a break-through, however, when she received a lovely brown dress hand-painted with pink flowers from a friend on her birthday. After much anguish, she consented to wear the dress because she didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings, but has allowed no other brown or black to enter her wardrobe since then. Score=Daughter 2.5, Mom: .5

Rule #4: Buttons are personally objectionable. Somewhere along the line, my daughter decided that she despised buttons. This includes all buttons, whether they are plain, heart-shaped, or look like animals. I have no idea where she got this one, but no buttons are allowed on her person, whether decorative or functional. Not only will she not wear anything with buttons, she doesn't want my husband and I to wear them either and lectures us when we do. Score=Daughter: 3.5, Mom: .5

Rule #5: Zippers are for jackets and coats only. My daughter likes zippers on her jackets and coats, but not on anything else. She insists on having stretchy waistbands on her pants, skirts, and shorts and if they have a zipper, they usually don't have a stretchy waistband. This one actually makes sense to me. Stretchy waistbands are much more comfortable. Score=Daughter: 4, Mom: 2

I understand this is a control issue for my daughter. And unlike picky eating, it's one in which I can give in to her. I'm even sure that I will feel nostalgic about this in the not-too distant future (when all she wants to wear is black) and think it was all very cute. Still, it would be nice to dress her up in some of those cute celebrity kid clothes.

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How to Shop For Baby Clothes

I think that everyone at one point in their life heard their parents say to them "You didn't come with an instruction manual! I am doing the best I can!". At the time we just expected our parents to know how to be parents because we didn't know any better. Now that the tables have turned, however, we understand what they meant.

My hope is to maybe offer a little bit of an instruction manual on how to be a parent to a new born. Let's start it off with how to shop for baby clothing.


No! Not the kind of sex that created the baby in the first place. Sex meaning what gender your baby is. I know this sounds redundant but this is good place to start. Know what sex of clothing you are looking for.


Most baby clothing is separated into age groups. For example, one tag might say between 3-6 months and another tag might say 18 months. Sizing like this is standard practice in the baby clothing industry so you should not have a hard time identifying the correct size.


Babies are very sensitive to weather conditions. Therefore it is imperative that you have clothing for all weather conditions. Try to break this down into summer, winter, and in between. This is your best bet.

Expect a Mess

When shopping for baby clothes, we as parents have a tendency to want our babies to have the best wardrobe on the block. This is great; however, keep in mind that we are dealing with babies. They are messy. They soil themselves, they spit up food, they throw up and much, much more. So, what I suggest is to buy them nice clothing but don't spend a ton of money on 1 item just because of the designer name on the tag.

Remember That Babies Grow

This is probably the most important one to remember. Babies grow at a fairly rapid rate so the closet that you fill today will have to refilled in 3 months with new garments. What does thi mean to you? STAY WITHIN YOUR MEANS! Please keep this in mind. Spend wisely.

So, there you have it! Simple enough, right?

And that is it for my first "How To" in the instruction manual for raising a baby.

Dressing Your Little Geek - Baby Clothes For Nerds

Lets face it, during this day and age it is easy to get carried away with technology. You know the type; the person who sits on their computer or gaming consoles for hours. Most people may don you as a "geek","nerd", or even a "dork". I myself like to consider myself a fashion forward geek, and will dress my daughter accordingly. If you are anything like me, you enjoy expressing yourself, as well as your child's personality through the clothing that they wear. Not only is it important for you to portray a well mannered, and well educated child; but why not do it with a little extra geek flair as I like to call it? There are many retailers that offer several varieties of geek inspired clothing, whether you are a computer geek, a gaming nerd, or a role playing dork like myself; you are sure to find something that will suit your fancy.

Retailers do not generally offer this type of sassy geek wear, so it will now be time to use your geeky knowledge and whip out that computer. Within minutes, you will be connected on the world wide web and browsing through a plethora of techie inspired clothing; for even the smallest of brains. Several of these online guru's offer a wide variety of clothing styles from tee's, onesies, pants, shoes, and many more accessories that will surely have your little one plugged in , in no time flat. I have listed below some of my favorite slogans that can be found on some of these sassy infant clothes.

* Future Ninja
* I only cry when stupid people hold me.
* nOOB lvl 1 baby.
* QT squared
* Entropy accelerator
* I reject your reality, and substitute my own.
* Diaper loading... Please wait.
* Tiny Techie.
* No I will not fix your computer.
*All your formula are belongs to us.
* Future gamer.
* When I grow up, I want to be an evil genius.
* The dragon says "Rawer"
* I'm still in beta.
* My high chair is wifi enabled.
* I am the attachment.
* My dad can hack your dad's computer >:)
* Future warlock
* I daddy
* I'm living proof that geeks can find love.
* I'm not babbling, I'm just encrypted.
* nom nom nom
* My other bib is +2 chain mail.
* Sometimes when I'm alone, I google myself.
* Come closer, my symbiote is ready to take host.
* I still live with my parents.
* Mommy's little hatchling.

And the list can go on for days, as I myself am a geek lover. I am sure however, that you get the point of all the options that you have at your feet. Take a little time to get your mini-geek updated in these wonderful, and sassy threads; and don't forget the accessories!

Show your baby's style by dressing them up in your favorite band's t-shirts and onesies. Whether it's The Ramones, Led Zeppelin or 311, there are punk rock baby clothes as well as baby booties, toddler shirts, organic maternity clothes and diaper bags available. Other kids clothing and gift items include: Toddler skate shoes, slogan baby clothes, rompers, baby bibs, beanies and geeky baby clothing.

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