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Saturday, October 25, 2008

How to Shop For Baby Clothes

I think that everyone at one point in their life heard their parents say to them "You didn't come with an instruction manual! I am doing the best I can!". At the time we just expected our parents to know how to be parents because we didn't know any better. Now that the tables have turned, however, we understand what they meant.

My hope is to maybe offer a little bit of an instruction manual on how to be a parent to a new born. Let's start it off with how to shop for baby clothing.


No! Not the kind of sex that created the baby in the first place. Sex meaning what gender your baby is. I know this sounds redundant but this is good place to start. Know what sex of clothing you are looking for.


Most baby clothing is separated into age groups. For example, one tag might say between 3-6 months and another tag might say 18 months. Sizing like this is standard practice in the baby clothing industry so you should not have a hard time identifying the correct size.


Babies are very sensitive to weather conditions. Therefore it is imperative that you have clothing for all weather conditions. Try to break this down into summer, winter, and in between. This is your best bet.

Expect a Mess

When shopping for baby clothes, we as parents have a tendency to want our babies to have the best wardrobe on the block. This is great; however, keep in mind that we are dealing with babies. They are messy. They soil themselves, they spit up food, they throw up and much, much more. So, what I suggest is to buy them nice clothing but don't spend a ton of money on 1 item just because of the designer name on the tag.

Remember That Babies Grow

This is probably the most important one to remember. Babies grow at a fairly rapid rate so the closet that you fill today will have to refilled in 3 months with new garments. What does thi mean to you? STAY WITHIN YOUR MEANS! Please keep this in mind. Spend wisely.

So, there you have it! Simple enough, right?

And that is it for my first "How To" in the instruction manual for raising a baby.

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