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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Designer Baby Clothes

The kind of clothes a baby wears largely depends upon affordability and the personality of the parents. While all parents like their babies to be smartly -dressed, there are those who want to go the extra mile.

Indulging babies in designer outfits is fairly common among celebrity parents and those who can afford it. The designer baby clothing industry is well-established, with top designers churning out lots of fabulous designer outfits for infants and toddlers. And, even though children outgrow clothing quickly, designer baby clothes grow more popular as each year passes. Parents go crazy buying designer body suits, bibs, booties and bonnets and pay ten times more than they would if they went to a regular baby or department clothing store.

Some of the best-known baby designers include Baby Dior, Baby Phat and Anne Geddes. Baby Dior offers cotton body suits complete with its signature teddy bear logo. The Dior collection can be found online at The Baby Phat line is a creation of rapper Russell Simmons. Baby Phat has styles specifically for teenage girls down to infancy. Their most popular line is the Baby Phat tee shirt that sells for approximately $15.

Although Anne Geddes is most noted for her famous photographs to match her ladybug babies. Her line offers all kinds of cute outfits including a ladybug jacket, a bunny suit and a rosebud quilt.

The next time you’re invited to a baby shower or a child’s birthday party, buy a designer gift for the little one. You’ll be the hit of the party for sure!

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