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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dressing Your Little Geek - Baby Clothes For Nerds

Lets face it, during this day and age it is easy to get carried away with technology. You know the type; the person who sits on their computer or gaming consoles for hours. Most people may don you as a "geek","nerd", or even a "dork". I myself like to consider myself a fashion forward geek, and will dress my daughter accordingly. If you are anything like me, you enjoy expressing yourself, as well as your child's personality through the clothing that they wear. Not only is it important for you to portray a well mannered, and well educated child; but why not do it with a little extra geek flair as I like to call it? There are many retailers that offer several varieties of geek inspired clothing, whether you are a computer geek, a gaming nerd, or a role playing dork like myself; you are sure to find something that will suit your fancy.

Retailers do not generally offer this type of sassy geek wear, so it will now be time to use your geeky knowledge and whip out that computer. Within minutes, you will be connected on the world wide web and browsing through a plethora of techie inspired clothing; for even the smallest of brains. Several of these online guru's offer a wide variety of clothing styles from tee's, onesies, pants, shoes, and many more accessories that will surely have your little one plugged in , in no time flat. I have listed below some of my favorite slogans that can be found on some of these sassy infant clothes.

* Future Ninja
* I only cry when stupid people hold me.
* nOOB lvl 1 baby.
* QT squared
* Entropy accelerator
* I reject your reality, and substitute my own.
* Diaper loading... Please wait.
* Tiny Techie.
* No I will not fix your computer.
*All your formula are belongs to us.
* Future gamer.
* When I grow up, I want to be an evil genius.
* The dragon says "Rawer"
* I'm still in beta.
* My high chair is wifi enabled.
* I am the attachment.
* My dad can hack your dad's computer >:)
* Future warlock
* I daddy
* I'm living proof that geeks can find love.
* I'm not babbling, I'm just encrypted.
* nom nom nom
* My other bib is +2 chain mail.
* Sometimes when I'm alone, I google myself.
* Come closer, my symbiote is ready to take host.
* I still live with my parents.
* Mommy's little hatchling.

And the list can go on for days, as I myself am a geek lover. I am sure however, that you get the point of all the options that you have at your feet. Take a little time to get your mini-geek updated in these wonderful, and sassy threads; and don't forget the accessories!

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