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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby Gift Shopping 101

Baby gifts are extremely fun to shop for. Whether you're shopping for yourself, a friend, or even an anonymous recipient set up for you via a baby gift swap or upcoming surprise party, there's nothing more exciting than picking out a few cherished items for mom-to-be and upcoming baby.
But don't let the excitement overwhelm you. While there are many wonderful baby gifts to choose from, there are some baby gifts that are better off remaining on the shelves, while others should be immediately tucked into shopping carts and baskets, and brought home to be packaged, wrapped and beribboned.

Let's start with some sensible baby gifts. Choosing practical items means picking items that are both wanted and needed. Large items like baby cribs, bassinets, high chairs, strollers and car seats are all wonderful baby gifts, even if they are rather expensive and bulky. Of course, make sure that the recipient wants and needs the particular large baby gift that you're thinking of purchasing.

Smaller baby gifts that are both practical and desired include clothing, diapers (be sure to check if the mother-to-be is going to be using disposable or cloth), feeding supplies (bottles for a formula feeding mother, shields, creams and pillows for a breastfeeding mother) and travel gear (visors for car windows, baby viewing mirrors to attach on rearview mirrors, shopping cart covers).

You can never go wrong with clothing as a choice for baby gifts. All babies need clothes! Boy clothes and girl clothes are available in abundance at all stores that carry children's clothing. You can find baby clothes bundled together in adorable gift sets, or you can take regular clothing items and wrap them together. Onesies, creepers and gowns make great baby gifts for newborns, while adorable little outfits and outerwear work well for older babies.

Toys are another good choice for baby gifts. Soft, plush toys that are made for a baby's small hands to grab onto are a wonderful choice. Stuffed animals, "lovey" blankets with tags and different texture, and attachments for car seats and strollers are made in a variety of styles, materials and priced affordably for anyone to purchase.

In the end, you're best sticking with "approved" baby gifts -- those listed on the pregnant woman's baby registry. If there isn't a registry present, you can choose a gift and make sure to send along a gift receipt, just in case. And if all else fails, purchase a gift card! Gift cards can be purchased for almost all stores, including Target, Wal-mart and Babies 'r Us. I don't know of a single mom who doesn't make use of a gift card!

Kimberly Green is a mother, a sister, an auntie and has several other fellow mothers in her life. She has purchased many a Baby Gifts and attended many a baby showers in her day. Baby Gifts are her favorite thing to shop for.

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